Do you do eye exams?
Do I need an appointment?
How much does an exam cost?
Do you take outside prescriptions?


How much can I expect to pay for glasses?
Do you make bifocals?
Are bifocals made the same day too?
How much are bifocals?
Can I get my glasses the same day?
Can I use my own frame?
How much do your frames cost?
If I get the two pair package, can I have one pair made into sunglasses?
If I get the two pair package, can I share that with my spouse/family member?
I broke my glasses! Can you fix them or will I need a new pair?


How much is a contact exam?
How much are contacts?
I just had an exam. Do I need to have another to get contacts?
If I wear contacts, do I need to purchase glasses?


What are digital lenses?
What is Crizal®?
Are Transitions® lenses the same as sunglasses?
Do your lenses have scratch guard?


What does your warranty cover?
What is your return policy?
Do you take my insurance?
Do you take payments?
What types of payment to you accept?