Our In-House Lab

State of the Art State of the Art
Our labs have the latest in lens technology to help you get the best vision possible.
Convenient Convenient
Most glasses can be made the same day as your appointment, saving you time.
Affordable Affordable
Our labs save you money because we don’t have to send your prescription away to another facility.

Get Top Quality Crizal® Twice as Fast, Half The Price

Clearer Vision Clearer Vision
Anti-glare technology helps you have the clearest vision.
Cleaner Lenses Cleaner Lenses
Crizal® Lenses resist scratching, dust, and water.
UV Protection UV Protection
Keep your eyes safe from the sun with protection from all angles.

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Customers Reviews

The staff was attentive and helped me to understand how my vision has changed and what sort of lenses would provide the clearest vision..

Lance B. Springfield

Great place!! I didn’t have an appointment and walked in. Didn’t wait long at all!! Professional, nice, helpful in every way!! Very affordable!

Keely S. Terre Haute

Had a great visit the staff is always so friendly and helpful. AND really liked the new doctor on staff he took the time to go over any questions or concerns I had for myself or son.

Jennifer S. Dayton